GDF Cygnus Installation & Commissioning


NSV are responsible for the full commissioning of every air conditioning package on the GDF Cygnus Offshore Platforms.

Cygnus, located in blocks 44/12a and 44/11a of the Southern North Sea, will supply through one main hub – Cygnus Alpha, a permanently manned hub with three bridge linked platforms providing accommodation, processing, and export located in the eastern part of the field. A second well head – Cygnus Bravo - platform will be located in the west of the field. Ten production wells will be drilled. A dedicated 51km gas export pipeline will link the field to the Esmond Transportation System (ETS) pipeline export, which in turn terminates on the UK mainland at Bacton.


NSV's role started with the manufacture of all the HVAC equipment, this included Air Handling Units, Fan Skids, Large Air Cooled Condensing Units, Split Air-Conditioning Units, Pneumatic and Electric fire, Shut Off and Modulating Dampers, Blast Dampers, Volume Control and Pressure Relief Dampers, Duct Re-heaters, Attenuators, Control Panels, Thyristor Panels, VSD panels, humidifier and field instrumentation.

We then conducted the install at the fabrication yards in Scotland and Teeside that were fabricating the platforms themselves. This work was handled by two site install teams under our own site supervisor liasing and integrating with the many other companies and contractors on site.

When the platforms were installed on the jackets, we completed the installation and commenced commissioning. The work has been conducted by two teams working back to back ensuring a continuous service working under the permit system for the platforms.

December 2015