Hebron Project

Located approximately 340 km off the coast of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, The Hebron Project is an offshore heavy oil development.


Following the award of the Living Quarters contract to NEAL (a joint partnership between North Eastern Contractors Ltd (NECL) and Apply Leirvik), NSV Ltd were tasked with providing 4no Air Handling Units and 15no skid mounted centrifugal fans at the core of the ventilation system.


Weighing 11 tonne and measuring over 6m in length each, the 3no main Air Handling Units provide a combination of fresh and recirculated ventilation air to the whole of the Topside Living Quarters – each unit is capable of providing 50% of the required air volume, with 2no AHU’s operating at any one time to satisfy the demand, the third acting as a backup with the allocation rotated periodically.


To complete the LQ ventilation system NSV Ltd also provided three skid mounted centrifugal return fans to aid in the re-circulation of the air back to our Air Handling Units.


The fourth Air Handling Unit is two identical units stacked to save space, each capable of operating independently to provide duty/standby operation – this unit is utilised to provide pressurisation of the main stairs area, in the event of an emergency this provides a critical safety function in keeping the escape route smoke free.  


NSV Ltd also manufactured twelve centrifugal extract fans, each individually skid mounted and providing a duty/standby facility for six areas such as the galley, toilets and battery rooms – We assessed the requirements of each area and incorporated special features, such as grease collection, to ensure the long life of the equipment and wider system.


December 2015