Analyser House and HVAC for Algeria


Awarded with the contract from Krohne Oil & GAS, NSV Ltd designed, manufactured and supplied a stainless steel analyser house complete with ATEX HVAC unit, filter unit, NFPA regulations pressurisation fan, and all associated supply ductwork and dampers.


A joint venture between an Algerian company and an Indian company, it is to be located in Hassi Messaoud, with the Ouargla Province, eastern Algeria, the GR5 Compression station project maintains production of the Hassi Messaoud (largest field in the country) by strengthening the capacities for gas lift and gas re-injection.


The bespoke stainless steel analyser shelter provides housing for all necessary analysing equipment consisting of a run / standby system of Chromatograph, H2S analyser & Hydrocarbon analyser. The analyser is located within a 3G hazardous area, to keep the internal environment within the analyser safe NSV supplied a bespoke coated zintec steel air conditioning unit which has the ability to heat, cool and pressurise the area in which it is designed to.


Due to the harsh environment this system is located within and the presence of H2S gas, NSV supplied an inline filter unit which incorporated chemical filters, the filters remove chemicals from the fresh air protecting electrical components inside as well as personnel.


To minimise the size of the analyser house, the house was designed and built without the usual airlock entrance. To avoid gases entering the house through the door and bypassing the fresh air ductwork system and its associated gas detectors and filtration system, a NFPA specification pressurisation system was designed and installed. Upon detection of the door opening the system is energised ensuring that the airflow through the door is always from the inside to the outside and the area inside can still be classed non-hazardous. The system switches off when the door is closed.